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Click on one of these flags for the latest info on the EFHA. (posted 9-7-12)

The European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA) welcomes you on this website. The EFHA is a true European initiative and is being founded to ensure a future for historic aviation. In our opinion historic aviation brings European citizens together, no matter what background or age.

Together we can, amongst other things, create awareness for historic aviation in the European community. Historic aviation is very different from modern aviation and it requires special rules, regulations and attention to have a future. We believe historic aviation has a lot to offer to the European community and the community has to be made aware of that. We do this by founding this pan-European organization where we bring Europeans with a passion for historic aviation together.  This is a first and very important step. Together we have more knowledge, more resilience, a lot of contact possibilities and power available to us. We would like everybody involved in or with historic aviation i.e. pilots, owners, technicians, volunteers and sympathizers to register with the EFHA. PLEASE REGISTER BY CLICKING THE REGISTER BUTTON!  

Since the European Union has been formed the National Authorities are slowly handing over their powers. Aviation regulations are now handed down by the European Commission through EASA and we expect them to consider historic aviation. The EFHA is being formed to inform key players on a National and European level about the specific needs for historic aviation and the passion behind it. We want to preserve the European aviation heritage for all Europeans and for many generations to come.

The EFHA wants you to register. If you all do that we can become a force to be reckoned with. Registration is free of charge and obligation. It is, in fact, a gift to yourself! REGISTER HERE

If you do not speak up, you will not be heard. If you are not heard you don’t matter and these rules most certainly apply to European wide awareness for historic aviation.

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