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On this page you can find links to websites that our friends submitted:
by Thilo Kyritz about Cessna 195 and much more! (german laguage)
all about Jodel by Hans Teijgeler Netherlands (English laguage)
About a French DC-3 by Gaby Eveque (French language)
About historic glider by Bas van Beek (English laguage)
Belgium Yak 52 by Etienne Verhellen (English language)
Swedish Tigermoth by Pär Cederqvist (Swedish language)
Broussard by Luke Weber (Dutch language)
French Broussard by Jean-Michel Garnier (French language)
A great website for a super Tigermoth (multi language)
About an Italian "Falco" by Massimo Calda (Italian language)
All about the Dutch PBY (Dutch language)
All about a Slingsby (multi language)
All about Yak-52's in Holland (Multi language)
About an experimental airplane (English language)
All about a Yak-52 in Holland (English language)
In honor of a Dutch Piper Cub (Dutch language)
About a Belgium Chipmunk (Dutch language)
Nice site about a Danish Piper (Multi language)
Danish Beech 18 (Multi language)
German Cessna 120 (English language)
The Belgium Ercoupe (English language)
Swiss Aeronca (German language)

About the history of MONSERRATO airport (Italian language)
We care about historic Tempelhof airport ! ! ! ! (German language)
the Aviation Society of Antwerp (English language)
the famous Antwerp Stampe & Vertongen Museum (Dutch/English laguage)
The Brussels Air Museum Fund (English language)
The famous Dutch Early Bird foundation (Multi language)
Site of the Austrian Aviation Museum (German language)
Interesting French organization with historic aircraft (French language)
Berlin Spotterscrew around Tempelhof (German language)
Gotenburg flying group (Göteborgs Veteranflygsällskap ) (Swedish language)
Gotenburg UNDERGROUND aviation museum (Swedish/English language)
The famous Belgium Stampe & Vertongen museum (Dutch/English language)
THE AVIODOME thé aviation museum of the Netherlands (Dutch language)
Biplanes.de, organizer of a yearly BBQ (German language)
Fliegermuseum, A really great Swiss organization (German language)
Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung hist. Flugzeuge (German language)
The Luscombes of the EU, united by Nigel Barrett (English language)
The Italian Aerodina Club by Paolo Franzini (Italian/UK language)
Historical Aircraft Group Italy by Andrea Rosetto (Italian language)
About an Albatros flying boat by Germano Cordioli (Italian language)
Committed to historic aviation Quax Germany (multi language)
Historic site by our ambassador Luxembourg Pascal Kremer
Swedish historic site by Martin Forsberg (Swedish language)
Luxembourg Piper Cub friends by Marc Tanz (English language)
Aeroclub Paris North by Chrisblankhe Derenne (French language)
The famous Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis (multi language)
The French Wing by Patrick Pierre-Pierre (French language)
Be part of a Swedish Catalina restauration (English language)
A great French Aviation museum in Angers (French language)
Classic Flying Machine Collection UK (English language)
Home of P-51 "Big Beautiful Doll" (English language)
A great French Aviation museum in Angers (French language)
the awesome German Lufthansa foundation (Multi language)
Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society (English language)
Endelave Airport Denmark NICE! (multi language)
Dutch Fokker S-11 precision flying group (Multi language)
The Historic Aviation Association +++++ (English language)
Lovely museum in Holland (Dutch language)
Rebuilding HELICOPTERS (Multi language)
Danish Chipmunks (Danish language)
Belgium Aviation History Association (Multi language)
Aviation promotion in Holland (Dutch language)
Dutch Nostalgic Wings (Multi language)
Precision team around Piaggio's (Multi language)
About a splendid Dutch Yak-3 (Multi language)
Aviation theatre around a Stearman (Multi language)
Historic Aviation Avedore Denmark (Danish language)
German historic club (German language)
Swedish historic aviation site (Swedish language)
Limerick flying club (English language)
Norwegian warbirds (Multi language)
The Norwegian DC-3 (Norwegian language)
Proud Portugues museum (Portugues language)
Antonov II organization Bairitz France (French language)
About a wonderful museum @ Stauning DK (Mostly Danish language)
Vintage Aeroclub in Denmark under Royal protection (Danish language)

aviation photos.net UK Warwick Marcel Gommer's photo site (English language)
luchtvaartnieuws.nl news website by historic aviation friend (Dutch language)
AV8 internet aviation magazine (English language)
Aero International, first EFHA media support! (German language)
Klassieker der Luftfahrt, a true friend of EFHA (German language)
The famous Scramble forum with Hist. link. (English language)
Our new friends from Australianwarbirds (English language)
Austrian photographer Anton Wildberger (German and 98% English language)
Classic cars; Why not! Dirk Sadlowski (German language)
About GPS training by Carol Atkin (English language)
Gravity Park; A great airport and concept (multi language)
For new pilots: Aviation Training in Tirol Austria (in German)
Danish aviation service Fofly (multi language)
Jon & Marie Roth Boeing Stearman specialists (English language)
Go visit this private airport in Holland (Multi language)
Boeing fixid base simulation builder (English language)
Racing cars, why not! (English language)

Special links......
Here are some links we want to highlight!

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