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Dear friends of historic aviation.

Sheer bad luck: at the moment EFHA presented their Brussels Charter to the Dutch minister for co-signing, the Dutch government stumbled over the European financial situation. This Charter clearly defines what historic aviation is all about, contents of which have been agreed upon by all Dutch historic aviation organizations in Holland.

By now, this situation has developed in such a way, that it is not advisable to draw the attention of National governments nor the European Parliament to matters concerned with harmonizing the European aviation legislation historical aircraft.
Meaning that EFHA will hold their horses rolling out the terms of the Charter within Europe until the EURO-situation becomes more clear. EFHA will use this period to enlarge their European support, which has now exceeded a comfortable 10,000, so that our voice will be heard even louder.

In between we will discuss with our ambassadors in each of the Euro countries the way to present the Charter and suggestions to harmonize historic aviation legislation to national authorities.

By visiting our homepage you will be kept informed about our moves.

Thank you for your continuing support.

The EFHA-board

Harry Haas, chairman

Leo Haas, secretary





Mr. Leo Haas via e-mail