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The formation of the European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA) is out of necessity and because of reasons we are all too familiar with on a national level. Our elected representatives forgot all about us! This shows in rules and regulations for aviation in the EU. With the best intentions and safe aviation in mind, the EASA organization hands down rules and regulations. These rules have modern and commercial aviation in mind and do not consider historic aviation. Historic aviation should have their own rules to fly by and the EFHA, it's friends(you) and other EU organizations could be the organization to assist here. It goes without saying that Flight Safety is going to be of the highest priority.

Here are some topics the EFHA would like to address, this in close coordination with other EU organizations involved in historic aciation:
* Realistic rules & regulations for historic aviation
* Regular meetings with EU parliament members
* Regular meetings with the EASA
* EFHA knowledge & education center
* Independent quality organization
* Cultural exchange between member countries
* Unite European historic aviation
* Unhindered bordercrossing within the EU
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Mr. Leo Haas via e-mail